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Swimming Pool Mesh Safety Cover - Safety-Guard

Swimming Pool Mesh Safety Covers

If you are looking for family safety, look to our Mesh swimming pool safety covers, as they are considered "true" safety covers. This is because no water can collect on top of them — the water drains through the mesh into the pool. You can safeguard your family, friends, dogs, other pets and of course, your neighbors by installing a Mesh Safety Cover.

At Pool-Covers.net we offer mesh safety covers that will fit any size or shape pool. We offer many stock sizes and several colors of safety covers that ship out within 48 hours of the manufacturer receiving your order. Our mesh covers offer a 3-year full warranty, and depending upon your selection, either a 10-year limited or an incredible 15-year limited warranty.

Coverlon Mesh Safety Covers

Our Coverlon Mesh Safety Covers are simply the best that your money can buy. Coverlon mesh pool covers are fabricated with a unique blend of lightweight, supple polypropylene that stays dry and does not crack with age. The quality of materials, workmanship and the multitude of options ensure you will get a pool cover that provides beauty, safety, and peace of mind for years to come. Specialty work, like rock waterfalls, raised walls, grottos or swimouts are not a problem. Coverlon specializes in custom, made to order safety covers to meet every fussy pool owner’s needs.

Coverlon mesh pool covers are available in two grades: Conventional and Super Dense. Don’t be fooled, our conventional mesh is nothing ordinary! The Coverlon fabric is 34 x 22 thread count per square inch, while other covers are 34 x 20 thread count. The fabric is impervious to chlorine, mildew resistant, and has an extremely high tensile strength. This tighter weave used by Coverlon minimizes the sunlight that passes through the cover therefore reducing the springtime algae growth. Our Super Mesh has 99.5% Shade Blocking and an amazing burst strength of 650 lbs.

Coverlon Features Stand Apart!

   Double Webbing - The strapping is sewn on the both the top and the under side of the cover for extra strength.
   Heavy Duty Springs - A unique one-piece "easy adjust" heavy-duty stainless steel spring system.
   Non-corrosive brass anchors and strap caps - When not in use, the anchors recess flush with the pool deck and are barely noticeable.
   Complete Package - All pool safety covers come with a convenient storage bag, installation tools, instructions, and cover care guide.

Protect your family today with a mesh swimming pool safety cover.



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