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Why not cover your pool for the winter rather than having to do all that messy cleaning in the spring? A winter pool cover will prevent leaves, dirt and debris from entering your pool this winter. Avoid that inconvenient spring clean-up caused by rain, snow, ice and algae which can easily form in an uncovered pool. We offer both HPI Yard Guard and Swimline brands of winter pool covers.

You may wonder what the differences are in the quality of the various winter pool covers. Our economical Swimline covers range in scrim from 8 to 12 and come with a variety of warranties. The Swimline winter covers are available in Silver King, Supreme Guard, Supreme Guard with Binding and Super Guard. These imported winter pools covers all combine reliability with an affordable price.  What does scrim mean? The scrim is the weave tightness in the underlying thread construction. The higher the scrim number, the better the quality of the cover.

If you are looking for a winter pool cover that combines excellent value with quality built to last consider Yard Guard winter pool covers. Yard Guard winter covers are made in North America under the strictest quality control with triple edge reinforced binding. We sell a complete selection of HPI Yard Guard pool covers for both inground and above ground swimming pools. One is sure to meet your needs and budget.

Our selection Yard Guard winter pool covers by HPI includes the traditional Poly-Woven cover which is made from the widest material in the winter pool cover industry, resulting in fewer seams and a bigger and stronger cover. If you are looking for something a little different this year, check out the new Camo Guard winter pool cover designed with Armor-Kote technology with a camouflage pattern.  The incredibly strong Armor-Kote pool cover is 30% lighter than other winter covers and offers a high tear and puncture resistance and superior seam strength. The enviromentally friendly Enviro Mesh winter pool cover is made with a patented reflective silver coated mesh fabric which allows water to filter through the cover. The self-skirted Ultimate Cover combines the best features of the Armor-Kote and the Enviro Mesh winter covers to provide an exceptionally strong pool cover that offers excellent winter protection and water drainage.


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